Bullroser Artist:
Random Eyes

Groove Metal / Melodic Hard-Rock
Christian Palin – Lead Vocals
Sami Rönkkö – Lead Guitar
Markus Kinnunen – Rhythm Guitar
Voitto Rintala – Bass
Joonas Heikkinen – Drums
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The inception of Random Eyes goes back to 2001 when original members Timo and Christian began writing material and laying the foundation for the band.

Initial incarnations of the group went through stages of metamorphosis. During which, certain revolving members came and went, ultimately bringing Random Eyes to the solid line-up it holds today.

Random Eyes released their debut offering Eyes Ablaze in 2003, featuring gothic metal influences. The band’s direction has changed over the past few years, going in a more trendy, grandiose riff-oriented direction.

The clear strength and selling point of Random Eyes is in their vocal attack, translating into powerful male sound with catchy melodies, backed by colorful guitar-work and surefire groove.

Random Eyes is most definitely a LIVE band, exuding strong charisma and energy from the stage, in addition to killer attitude. Random Eyes are on a mission to bring hope and light to a world caught in disarray and chaos.