XNilo Recording Artist:
Promise Land

Christian Symphonic Metal
David Michael:
Lead Guitar, Keys & 2nd Lead Vocals
Rod Kozikowski:
Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Eric Bowser: Drums



Promise Land: Hiding Place – ALBUM VERSION (Official Lyric Video)

Promise Land: Teaser / Coming Soon
Hiding Place (2010 Version)



Promise Land is a Christian symphonic metal band from Pittsburgh, PA.
Promise Land’s first “EP” was recorded and released in late 2005. While the ‘EP’ was only intended to be used as a simple demo for booking purposes, it was decided, after many request, to be released publicly. Despite low production, the band was pleasantly surprised when it began receiving good reviews. The “EP” was selected as “Album of the Moment” for several weeks running on major Christian Metal/Rock websites, as well as remaining #11 on the “Best Rated Albums” out of hundreds of titles archived on the largest online Christian Metal Music Vault. Their song ‘Christ in us” was also selected as TOP 10 in the Kingdom Bound International Talent Search.
From the exposure, the band has gained a good national and international support that continues to grow stronger as word spreads about the band.

Promise Land continues to grow and reinvent themselves, with their most recent line-up change being in 2010 when they brought on new vocalist, Rod Kozikowski. At first intended to take over all vocals, Rod and David found a unique vocal duo when combining both vocal styles. Leaving Rod as first lead vocal and David as second lead vocals.

To reflect the vocal change and musical growth, Promise Land quickly released a new single titled, ‘Hiding Place’. This song is based on the true story of Corrie tenBoom, a modern day hero of faith, based on her and her families action during WWII, specifically in hiding the Jews and facing imprisonment as a result, in holocaust camps. The reviews to Hiding Place have been overwhelmingly positive and have ignited a lot of new interest in the band, both in the U.S. and abroad.

Currently, the band has been in the studio working on their highly anticipated full-length album, Harmony In Ruins. It has been a long road, with many obstacles and hard work, but fans will not be disappointed. Currently there is no scheduled release date, but the album is on the horizon.