HooBee Oy Artist:

Christian Symphonic Metal
Mia Rautkoski:
Lead Vocals
Antti Niskala:
Guitar, Vocals
Tuomas Kannisto:
Markus Malin:
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Website: hbmusic.net
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hb-official
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HB_EnneAndUskon_DoubleAlbum  HB_FrozenInside HB_JesusMetalExplosion hb_piikkilihassa HB_Pkallonpaikka HB_TheBattleOfGod

HB is a Christian symphonic metal band, formed in Forssa, Finland in 2002. They recorded a demo, four albums in Finnish language with the English versions of three of them, two singles, and a live DVD filmed at the Festival Maata Näkyvissä (2006).

Concerning the origin and meaning of the initials HB, previous vocalist, Johanna Aaltonen, said at the official website of the band: “Actually the initials H and B don’t really stand for anything. HB once had a competition on their webpage, where people could suggest different meanings for the two letters. Holy Bible was one of the suggestions and has since stuck with the band.”

Musically the band is symphonic metal in style with powerful sounds of the guitars, bass and drums, fused with characteristic instruments of classical music, choir and headed by vocalist Mia Rautkoski, formerly of G-Powered & Rammas Atas.

The band is also characterized by the strong spiritual content in their Christ centered lyrics.